HaoleParent : “If someone hits you , go tell the teacher"
- LocalParent : “LICK DAT FAKA!”
- HaoleParent : “go in your room & think about what you've done”
- LocalParent : “go get da rubbah slippah.”
-HaoleParent : “Good morning, time for school”
- LocalParent : “You miss da bus you walking to school”
- HaoleParent : “we’re heading to the store, you can pick one thing from the toy isle”
-LocalParent : “We going store, no ack up or I lick you”
- HaoleParent : “please stop crying .”
- LocalParent : ”Shaddup before i give you one reason for cry"
- HaoleParent : “you embarrassed your family for fighting at school!”
- LocalParent : “You wen lick dat faka?”
-HaoleParent : “I’m sending you to therapy”
-LocalParent: “Shaddup”
I feel so important when I see “reblogged you:”